Can’t Think Of A Better Way

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Song Lyrics

Woke up this morning, sun shining on my face,
And I began thinking all about God’s amazing grace,
He’s so good, my Lord’s so good,
You can never take away the joy I feel,
So I’m gonna let this song reveal I’m his

Can’t think of a better way to praise the lord,
Than to lift our voices in one accord,
Gonna lift my hands and testify,
Jesus is the way, he’s the truth and the life,
I’m his, can’t think of a better way,

Jesus is the reason we’re standing here today, And if you believe that he’s the only one that can truly save then say “amen”, I wanna hear it again!
Now the world may call me crazy, but I’m not trying to fit in because I’m his!


Can’t think of a better way,
I came to praise the Lord!

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