He Knows My Name

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Song Lyrics


Many years I’ve traveled on my journey,
Many are the friends that I have known,
But there is one who’s greater than the others,
There’s no one else like him, he stands alone,

I remember well the day that I met him,
And how he showed his mercy to me,
My life was made complete through his salvation,
When he reached down his hand and rescued me,


He knows my name, he knows my name,
It’s so good to know he knows my name,
For I’ve had a talk with him,
And he saved me from my sin,
It’s good to know he knows my name,


I’ve heard that all of heaven rejoices,
Every time a lost soul has been found,
So I can only imagine the celebration,
When in the book of life my name was written down,

My mind can hardly comprehend the reason,
That the king of glory cares for me,
And for all of his wonders of creation,
It’s good to know that he remembers me,


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