There Is No In-between

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Where are you going, sinner?
What are you gonna do?
When the sad time comes to leave this world,
What is there waiting you?
Is it heaven’s pure glory?
Do you know which path you’ll take?
The time is now to chart the course,
The choice is yours to make,


The fires of Hell will sure get hot,
With no relief in sight,
So take the path that leads above to the feet of Jesus Christ,
Don’t have ol’ Satan waiting,
While your soul can be redeemed,
For when you go it’s Heaven or Hell, there is no in-between,


Your sins can be forgiven,
Your soul can still be saved,
So trust the one who died for you,
Don’t be the devil’s slave,
Go climb that golden stairway,
Don’t fall to the pits of Hell,
For once you fall you’re there for good,
And it’s your fault you fell,



For when you go it’s Heaven or Hell,
There is no in-between,

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