Jacob Mills is the guitar player and utility musician for The Sound. From Detroit, Michigan, Jake first picked up a bass guitar at the age of 10. “I didn’t have much interest in music up until that time,” he shares with a smile, “but once I started playing it was like I just couldn’t stop.” He progressed at a remarkable pace and joined his brother Levi in his church’s praise band several months later.

Over the next several years, Jake gravitated more towards the piano and the acoustic guitar. “I loved James Taylor.” he says. “He is far and above my biggest influence as far as my guitar playing is concerned.” Currently, his instrument of choice during The Sound’s live shows is a 1983 Martin D-28; a guitar with a lot of sentimental value for him and his family. He cites the Eagles, James Taylor, and Billy Joel as some of his biggest musical influences. “It’s amazing, when you listen, just how much you can hear the influence that some of these artists have on The Sound’s music.” he explains.

Jake re-formed The Sound with his dad and his brother in 2017. Since then, he’s taken up an interest in graphic design and even photography in addition to providing guitar and vocals to The Sound’s arrangements. Jake concludes, “I’m having an amazing time doing what I feel is the calling God has placed on my life.”