Jacob is Rob’s second son and his middle child. He is known for his infectious smile! Jacob, interestingly, didn’t show a strong interest in music for most of his early childhood. When he was around 10 years old, after watching his brother Levi sing with their mom and dad at church, he walked up to Rob and said “I want to sing, too!” And sing, he did. Joining Rob, Angie, and Levi on stage was what would eventually lead to the creation of The Rob Mills Family a few years later. However, before going on the road, Jacob decided to learn to play an instrument. Rob recommended bass guitar to him and Jacob learned to play remarkably fast as his dad taught him. When the church’s bass player left the praise band, 12 year old Jacob stepped in for the final months Rob was on staff as the minister of music.

In 2011, The Rob Mills Family officially went on the road as a gospel music group. During the 6 years that group traveled, Jacob not only developed vocally, he developed a great ear for music and he learned to play a few more instruments. Jacob now plays bass, piano, guitar, and a little bit of mandolin. Jacob also took part in the CMI Michigan/Ohio Christmas shows, directed by Thurlow Spurr, where he learned to perform in a theatrical atmosphere. Jacob graduated in 2017 from Oxford Virtual Academy, an online high school program.

Jacob now sings and plays piano for The Sound. His smooth vocal style is a wonderful asset to the group’s family harmony. He never stops playing music and he never stops smiling! Jacob is very active on The Sound’s Facebook page and he loves to interact with the group’s fans and followers. He is very excited to share the platform with his dad and his brother as a member of The Sound.