The Sound is a Christian band comprised of Gospel Music veteran Rob Mills and his two sons, Levi and Jacob. Though from Detroit, Michigan, the band writes and records at Daywind Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. They’ve performed live for thousands and, through social media, have entertained millions. They’re bold, fresh, excited, and talented. Above all else, they remain faithful to the cause of Christ.

In 2019 The Sound signed an agreement with New Day Records, a division of Daywind Music Group, and released their acclaimed major-label debut album, Make It Count. Be sure to listen to it today!

“We are so thrilled with how we’ve seen God move in our lives and in the lives of the people we meet every day. We can’t wait to see how he uses this music to impact those who hear it.”

-Rob, Levi, and Jacob

Jacob is Rob’s second son and his middle child. He is known for his infectious…

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Levi is Rob’s oldest son. Very early in his life, Levi showed a great interest…

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Rob’s musical journey started at an early age. He grew up in the Great Smoky…

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