The Sound is a Dove Award winning band comprised of Levi, Jacob, and Rob Mills. Their distinct, country-pop inspired music has captured the attention and affection of fans around the world. They’ve performed live for thousands and, through television and social media, have entertained millions.

Since 2019, their short career has been marked by four consecutive chart-topping songs and five Dove Award nominations. Their latest album, God Is Real, is a trailblazing record that incorporates elements of Nashville country-pop and worship. It was released in 2022 and won a Dove Award for Country Album of the Year.

“Our aim is to bring people to the life-changing touch of Jesus Christ. We do that through making music that is creative, relevant, and impactful. That is our gift and we are blessed to be able to use it every day for the kingdom of God.” – Levi, Rob, and Jacob

Jacob Mills is the guitar player and utility musician for The Sound. From Detroit, Michigan,…

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Levi Mills is the lead singer of The Sound. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan,…

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Rob’s musical journey started at an early age. He grew up in the Great Smoky…

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