The Sound is back! We have quite a history in gospel music. The Sound was originally a quartet based out of Houston, Texas. Throughout the 1980’s, The Sound’s lineup contained many southern gospel favorites like Pat Hoffmaster, Scott Fowler, Jeff Chapman, Rick Strickland, Frank Seamens, Terry Davis, Mike Presnell, and more. The Sound then became a trio with Rob Mills as the lead singer from 1990-1992.

Twenty five years later, The Sound had long been a retired name. In 2017, however, Rob acquired the name and started his own group with his two sons, Levi and Jacob. They’re young, talented, and they have a passion for God’s music!  The Sound is back and better than ever before. Rob, Levi, and Jacob are all musicians as well as singers; an attribute that is a regular feature at their live performances.

What is The Sound? The Sound is family harmony, quality musicianship, great songs, and a whole lot of fun. Their goal is to see people come to the life changing touch of Jesus Christ. A New Day Records artist, their major-label debut album is currently in production. Be sure to listen for it later this year!

“We look forward to what God has in store for The Sound in the near future.”

-Rob, Levi, and Jacob

Jacob is Rob’s second son and his middle child. He is 20 years old and…

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Levi is Rob’s oldest son. He is 21 years old. Very early in his life,…

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Rob’s musical journey started at an early age. He grew up in the Great Smoky…

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