Levi Mills is the lead singer of The Sound. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, he showed a great interest in music very early in his life. “I still have old tapes of myself singing on my parents’ answering machine when I was 2 years old”, he shares with a laugh, “and I performed live for the first time in front of an audience when I was 7. It’s really all I’ve ever known.” A few years later, at the age of 10, he became the full-time drummer at his church. Levi has cited his time with the church’s band as one of his first great learning experiences as a musician.

As a teenager, Levi developed his voice and stage personality by studying artists across several musical genres. He also dabbled in acting and theater, having had the privilege of receiving stage direction for several years from director, producer, and former President of the Gospel Music Association, Thurlow Spurr. “Theater is a whole different animal.” shares Levi. “It requires intense attention to detail and it taught me how to focus on what’s happening on stage while also considering how it’s affecting the audience. It’s such a delicate balance, so I’m thankful I had that experience growing up.”

In 2017, Levi re-formed The Sound with his dad and his brother. “Jake and I might have grown up in metro Detroit, but our family’s musical history comes from the south. We had this idea to incorporate the Nashville sound that we grew up around into christian music. We’ve blended that with influences from other genres as well and I think we’ve stumbled upon something really special. I’m excited to see how God uses this music to impact people all over the world.”