Rob’s musical journey started at an early age. He grew up in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina where he often played and sang bluegrass and gospel music with his dad. As his musical talents developed throughout his teenage years, he worked many local jobs as a backing musician and singer. Rob’s career in gospel music started when he was asked, at the age of 17, to fill in for a local quartet called the Happy Travelers, who were retiring. Shortly thereafter, he was offered a job as the bass player for a young quartet out of Asheville, North Carolina. They were known affectionately as The Kingsboys. Throughout the 1980’s, The Kingsboys often traveled as an opening act for the mighty Kingsmen Quartet, also out of Asheville. Rob came off the road in 1988 after meeting a young lady, from Michigan, named Angie. It was in 1989, while singing at an event for Angie’s church, that Rob accepted Jesus Christ as his savior.

In early 1990, Rob was again offered the chance to play bass for a gospel group. Based out of Houston, Texas, this group was a quartet who’s then-lineup included lead singer Scott Fowler, bass singer Jeff Chapman, and tenor Frank Seamens. This group was none other than The Sound. After Scott Fowler left the group to sing with The Cathedrals in 1990, Rob took over singing lead for The Sound. For the next two years Rob traveled the country singing, about Jesus, to thousands of people in person and millions more through television. Rob has often said that his time with The Sound and it’s members strengthened his walk with Christ as a young Christian. In 1992, Rob decided to come off the road a second time. He married Angie in June of 1992 and moved to Michigan shortly thereafter.

After leaving The Sound, Rob worked for 15 years as a minister of music starting in 1996. Rob and Angie went on to have three children: Levi, Jacob, and Emily. In 2011, Rob, Angie, Levi, and Jacob started singing together as The Rob Mills Family. After 6 years of singing with the boys, Angie encouraged Rob, Levi, and Jacob to begin singing as a father-son trio. However, a new name would be needed for this new group. During the re-branding process, Rob began reflecting on his career in gospel music and, specifically, on his time with The Sound. Having had such a spiritual impact on him, The Sound had always been close to Rob’s heart. The Sound, however, had long since retired from gospel music. While talking with one of his close friends, the old owner of The Sound, Rob got the chance to take ownership of the group himself and bring the name that meant so much to him out of retirement. Rob, Levi, and Jacob did indeed begin traveling as a father-son trio. They’re called The Sound, and Rob couldn’t be more thrilled that the group’s next chapter will include not only himself, but his two sons.