Featuring songs like “Make It Count”, “First Church of Mercy”, and “Can I Get a Witness”, this album is a fantastic journey of encouragement and hope.



Track Listing

1. City of Joy
2. It Was Grace
3. First Church of Mercy
4. Make It Count
5. Can I Get A Witness
6. On the Road to Emmaus
7. I Am Becoming
8. Great God Almighty
9. Something ’Bout Love
10. Rain

“What’s next?” That is the question that has been on our minds since we re-launched The Sound at the start of 2017. We took a leap of faith then; we were anxious to see what God would do with us in the near future. We never could have imagined all that would take place in just 3 short years.

We spent time reflecting on who The Sound was and who we wanted The Sound to be; there are moments however, in all of our lives, when circumstances change and opportunities arise. These moments can come suddenly and the changes they bring can be intimidating, but it is our duty to face them and to make the most of those opportunities that we are blessed to be presented with.

We approached this album with that mindset; we focused not on what’s next, but what’s now. We only get one chance to etch the most special and powerful moments we experience into our minds. What’s more, with every breath we take, we’re given one more second of time to use for the Kingdom of God. It is our obligation to Make It Count.